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Line Relocation

Moving to Mexico? We have a great track record of relocating assets of international companies to Mexico. Sachem® Technology will quickly develop and execute a relocation plan to tear down, load, transport, unload and install your production equipment, from facility to facility, without incurring unnecessary costs and interruptions.


Machine Relocation

Stamping press, welding lines, ovens, paint lines, conveyors, robot cells automated guided vehicles and more…. We have the rigging team that clearly understands how to efficiently and carefully move your machines within your facility or, facility- to- facility. Why not call us for a quote today!

Project Management

Sachem’s Project Managers are considered by many clients as skilled, experienced professionals. We have the proven experience to achieve the correct results, the first time, every time!

Often we are called in to assist clients when others have not been able to meet the performance standards. We enjoy those challenges, because we are able to quickly correct problems and help your team succeed.

Call or email us to learn how we may provide exceptional leadership for your new or existing project. Our project managers clearly understand it is about mitigating risk and unnecessary variances, while achieving the projected goals!

Our Personnel Are Bilingual!

Our mechanical engineers are degreed people with a wealth of machine design experience. They are highly skilled at understanding your challenges and finding cost effective solutions for your applications.

Regardless of the design platform, our engineers use an extensive database to facilitate solving complex mechanical issues, or assisting in the design of a new machine.

Do you have a challenge we may assist you to solve? We invite you to call us and see what we may do to help you today.


Control Engineers

We clearly recognize controlling a machine can either enhance your process or become a constraint.

Our control engineers are experienced in correctly handling disparate platforms and endless software choices in the industrial world. We stay abreast of the ever changing technologies and understand what fits best for each application. What we do best is apply the right technology and efficiently program your software.

From version control to the best choice for your application, our team has an outstanding record helping each client select the optimum software for your manufacturing application. Give us a call and check out how our team may help you overcome problems, upgrade or deploy new applications!