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New Machines

Lean, flexible, reliable, and punching an ROI that meets your budget are only a few of the machines attributes we factor into the design equation.


Our team strives to provide machine cells and production line designs that are technically unparalleled and cost-effective. When it comes to design standards, our team adheres to a strict quality-driven process, insuring we meet your input criteria. Sachem® Technology will design technical solutions which meet your long-term needs without overpaying for technology!
We invite you to discover how we may improve your competitive edge!

New Production Cells

What works best? How should it cycle? What safety issues should be of concern? How fast can a product change-over happen? What about downtime, diagnostics and calibration? Sachem® Technology has strict design standards that govern how we incorporate the optimum parameters for a production cell, while factoring in variables which that will enhance your production rates and yield a competitive performance. In today’s market, trimming cost is an ongoing challenge and our engineering team understands how to design production cells that meet those highly competitive challenges.

Ancillary Tooling

Lift assists, fixtures, safety equipment, platforms, turntables and more! We have the experience, skill and technology to efficiently fulfill your needs. Provide us your specification or simply explain what your needs are and we will design concepts that meet your duty cycle, system requirements, ergonomics and more. Why not call today!

Machine Programming

In today’s environment there are many different languages and programs which may affect a machines operation. Our team is well versed and experienced in these languages and will work with you to support your needs and goals. We offer you the technical skill and talent to efficiently design, enhance or repair most machine programs. We invite you to call us to learn more about our abilities and how they may be used effectively in your plant environment.

Machine Upgrades

Do you have worn out machines that are not making cycle time or are yielding inconsistent parts? Are you experiencing excessive downtime? Chances are Sachem® Technology can recondition those machines for less than what you may spend to replace them.

Often, we hear stories of consultants advising clients that a machine can not be restored, or the cost of restoration is prohibited. Nonetheless, our team has saved clients from spending unnecessary capital, by refurbishing existing equipment, and extending the life many more years.

Why not give us a call and discover how we may help improve your assets while reducing your capital expenditures?

Machine Repair

Do you have trouble with uptime? Are you experiencing frequent interruptions and repairs? Regardless of the issue, we will quickly diagnosis the constraint and offer value driven solutions to improve your machine productivity!

Please call us to learn how we may remove those machine constraints.