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“Sachem is an intelligent and hard working group and is always eager to take up new responsibilities and completing them efficiently within the given time frame.

They are also a group who can lead with persistence and motivation.

They are highly effective at solving customer problems in the field”.

Jamey Moore – Specialty Tooling Systems

“It is with great confidence that I can recommend Sachem Technology de Mexico as a competent, reliable, and trusted subcontractor for machinery installations, integration, repairs, fabrication, trucking, and rigging.

We have used Sachem’s services many times for this type of work in Mexico”.

Lee Elard – STAMTEC

“Honeywell wants to thank IPG Mexico (Sachem Techology) for the services, attention and support given to us.

As well, the kindness and quickly response for any problems that we have talks about the excellent service they give”.

Jorge Cuen – Honeywell

“The station Thermostat and Gasket Assembly is very well presented. The finishes in the nests and the overall presentation of the machine are things that are rarely seen in a local provider. This machine completes 100% what we specified in the RFQ.
In the name of SOGEFI I can mention that you’re pleasantly satisfaced with the Station and I reiterate my appreciation for their support during the process. “

David Quiroga Correa – SOGEFI Proyect Manager – Manufacturing Engineer

“Sachem’s ability to understand and handle many different technologies is unparalleled;
whether it is handling complex issues with our paint lines, robotic weld cells, cooling towers or safety issues.

Sachem Technology accomplishes the job accurately and on time.”

Steve Remstad – ArvinMeritor

“T.A. Systems, whom is a Leading Manufacturer and Integrator of Automation Equipment, Assembly Systems, Test Equipment and Specialized Machinery, has been very pleased with the quality of service provided by Sachem Technology De Mexico.

Sachem’s dedicated team of engineers and technicians have supported various automated machines, on behalf of TA Systems, and have done so in a professional manner. Sachem’s engineering capability is proficient in supporting advanced manufacturing technology and machine cells.

Our history validates that Sachem Technology is a company of excellent integrity who cares about providing quality driven service in Mexico.”