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About Sachem® Technology

Sachem® Technology places the customer at the center of its business model. At Sachem® Technology, we focus on providing each customer with “proven – value driven solutions” for manufacturing processes.

Sachem® Technology’s Business Model is Based Upon 3 Cornerstones:


Our Mexican Professionals deeply care about personal integrity, honesty, commitment, quality and customer care. Each member clearly understands our results matter most in creating and nurturing long-term business relationships. We recruit the very best talent with proven education, experience and skill sets. Our team members continually expand their knowledge in emerging technologies to define and deliver the finest value driven solutions for our customers.


Sachem® Technology’s quality system is the core of its business model. This quality process creates a discipline which enhances efficiency and mitigates error. Sachem® Technology continually improves this critical system so we may be sure we are delivering the finest quality result for each customer.


Knowing technology, engineering processes and service techniques are all important pre-requisites to processing a job. However, the most significant attribute is demonstrating to each customer that we meet the customers’ needs, through outstanding communication, thoughtful interaction, and on time results. Sachem® Technology continues to invest in plant and people, which allows us to give each customer an outstanding and rewarding experience

Why Sachem® Technology?

Sachem® Technology drives manufacturing performance! Productivity and quality provide you the edge to remain competitive, and our team clearly understands how to raise the bar giving you your process edge, while maximizing your return on assets!

We endeavor to meet your short term goals, while assisting your manufacturing platform for future demands.

We eliminate the need for you to hire multiple integrators or project managers.

When we quote a project, we consider the “total cost” and not just the surface content in the RFQ. How do we do this? Through years of experience, we understand the soft issues and variables which may cause negative variation in your cost structure and project outcome.